I apologize to all my fans.

I created a blog in 2010 and since then, I’ve been harassed by haters. People have stalked me. I’ve had to threaten to call the police on people. People have published my personal information all over the internet along with slander and lies. I’ve always ignored these people but after 6 years, I’ve finally been dragged down by all of it.

I keep a very small circle because many people in the past have betrayed me and even more people want to use me.

I come from a small family without any close relatives. When I was 15, someone close to me was diagnosed with cancer. There were so many nights I woke up to screaming because someone I loved was in pain. I had seen the person I loved most die right in front of me. I buried her when I was 18. My father had it the worst. I regret a lot of things back then.

I went to college on a scholarship. I was a popular kid. Everyone loved being around me. But I stopped wanting to be around people. In my 2nd year, I became depressed and introvert. I spent a lot of time studying code. I created a blog to learn more about developing. I was incredibly poor. It was funny actually. I remember getting so sick that winter because I couldn’t afford a jacket. I almost died, LOL. It’s funny how I laugh now.

I don’t want to type anymore.

People say things about me but they don’t know me and I don’t know them. I’m just tired of everything. Please, just give me a break from all this.

I’ll put my videos back up in a couple days.
Rise above.