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There was this game called Snake. Anyone who grew up in the 90’s or before then know of this game. You probably remember playing it on a Nokia phone. The original concept of snake, however, dates back to 1976 and was actually called Blockade. This is actual video footage of the first snake game being played. It doesn’t look like much incomparison to what we have now in 2016. 40 years later, we have a game called This video is about Slither and the games sudden rise to success.

Slither was developed by a 32 year old, self-taught programmer, named Steve Howse. is a rag-to-riches story, appearing in huge publications like the Wall Street Journal and reported to have made $100,000 American Dollars of revenue daily in it’s golden age. But to think, 6 months before all this money; the developer could barely afford rent. Financial trouble forced Steve Howse to leave his home in minneapolis and move back in with his parents in Michigan. During this time when he had nothing, Steve worked diligently on creating After 6 months, the game was released and Steve Howse is making somewhere in the range of 7 figures per month. “this was like a lottery ticket,” Steve said, “If it wasn’t going to work, I was planning to get a job at a supermarket or something.”

Slither was released in March of 2016. And thanks to prominent YouTube figures such as Pewdiepie and jacksepticeye, exploded in popularity. A mobile version was released March 27th and topped the app store shortly thereafter. Within a couple months, Slither was in the top 10 most downloaded apps alongside juggernauts such as Facebook and YouTube. The mobile app has been downloaded over 68 million times and averages 67 million daily players across all web browsers. Slither has obviously seen extreme growth in a short span of time.

With such growth, comes problems. Anyone who has ever played Slither has experienced the lag. In fact, some people have even started calling the game Lagerio. The server costs for slither exceed $15,000 per month. And Steve concedes the experience has been stressful, “It’s a problem most people would be envious to have.”

So what comes next for Steve Howse and The next step could be letting go. The game hasn’t seen much development or features added for in-app purchases. And Mr. Howse is contemplating selling after receiving offers from two large game companies and a venture-capital firm. Whatever the future holds for slither, I’m enjoying making these videos and playing his game for the time-being.

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