69 likes and I’ll roast a chicken… (。◕‿◕。)

I’m about to roast myself. I’m about to light it up.
Get the matches, cuhhhh… Call the firetruck.
They call me Donny Pie. More Like Donald Duck.
But way less fly. His whole channel suck.
I’m like why ask why? His whole life suck.
Even if he quits; no one gives a fffffuuu….

I been patiently waiting for a quick sec. Time to go in on myself.
Might as well dig a hole 6 feet deep and bury him alive. Goodbye to his health.
#Getrekt kid. Goin in with the belt. This track fire, I swear you will melt.
And he been lookin so dark in his pics; he been lookin like a ninja on the stealth.

You been thinkin’ you big, boy. But you really a small, boy.
Black lives don’t matter after hearing you talk, boy.
Don’t make me call the law, boy.
*moment of silence*
Black lives don’t matter after hearing you talk, boy.
Don’t make me call the law, boy.

I swear, you like 69 years old. You still playing club penguin?
And you been saying that you watch Hentai; DragonBall XXX Super Saiyan
All I’m sayin, you just not the same anymore. No one plays these games anymore.
A Donny Pie video make me wanna snore. Yes mom, please, I’d rather do some chores.

One time. I really wish that sometimes. That Donny Pie would just die
Or drink the bleach or just go blind. Honest to god that’s no lie.
I’m savage. Got no chill. Donny Pie’s fake and that’s fo real.
Donny Pie’s gay. And he pretends to be straight. But everyone know’s how I feel.


Going back in. Donny Pie is old as Michael Jackson.
Donny Pie is old as Kim Kardashian.
Donny Pie is old as Cat Valentine’s actin.
Man, Donny Pie so old he’s probably on viagra.


(( This video was suggested by Nigahiga… ))

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