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I haven’t uploaded an actual helpful video in awhile so this one is for you:
1. Refresh your friend’s list by going to your profile and clicking friends.
2. Send duplicate offers by pressing tab + spacebar and enter at the same time. (clone items – be careful. some people try to scam this way).
3. Find friend’s quickly by using the chat to scroll through your friend’s list versus clicking through heads.
4. Buy secret items by searching “Item Store”
5. Save money on Double Gem offers
6. Go to www.ourworldfm.com to use my Last-Login tool
7. Gain flow without playing by doing the “Flow-Farm cheat” – Easy way to level up multiple accounts at the same time.

***It’s come to my attention that some people send duplicate offers in order to scam. It is not possible to accept duplicate items. Do not trust scammers who say they can “clone” items for you. ourWorld would NEVER allow this.

I didn’t include anything about the flow-farm cheat. You’ll just have to search my YouTube channel to find out how it works or search within google/youtube. I’m sure you’ll find my videos somewhere.

I will be uploading more frequently since I have finished the radio station on ourWorldFM.

(( This video was suggested by volunteers… ))

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