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Craft Amazing Worlds In pixels
– The Sandbox Evolution

In the recent years, there’s been a growing trend in Sandbox Games. Games like Minecraft and Roblox would fall under this category: sandbox. It’s a style of game in which the player is allowed to roam and change a virtual world at will. Your only limit is you. We’ve seen more companies adopt this same gaming model. Examples like Nintendo’s Mario Maker where the community builds levels in and in turn, you can play them. Sandbox: Castle Clash is another example. You build fortresses then try and tear them down. Today, we’ll be talking about a lesser known sandbox game, but perhaps, one of the most emersive Sandbox games to ever exist.

Hop into my delorean time machine and let’s go back a few years. The year is actually 2011. A gaming company by the name of Pixowl is born. Their headquarters are located in San Francisco, California. And on May 15th, 2012, Pixowl releases their first iOS/Android game called The Sandbox. The Sandbox game is given praise from both critics and the community being downloaded over 10 million times from both Google Play and iTunes. Then a few years later, in December 2015, Pixowl releases the sequel to their game: The Sandbox Evolution.

One of my favorite quotes is from The Lorax by Dr Seuss. In it, he says, “It’s not about what it is. It’s about what it can become.” Sandbox games are all about… what it can become. There is no clear storyline that you play from beginning to end. It’s up to the user’s imagination to create a reality in a virtual world.

The thing that makes The Sandbox Evolution different from any other sandbox game is there are over 230 different elements to choose from ranging from water to earth and even oil. All elements of which interact with each another. Set the oil on fire and it will burn within the water causing steam and making your creation have clouds. Form enough clouds and you’ll begin to see rain with actual thunder. Add people to your creation. Animals. Trees. A full environment that you can play with. And in the end, you can cause a natural disaster and destroy it all.

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