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What does the future of casino games look like? Imagine a virtual world where you can create an image of yourself. Gamble like you would at a real casino. Slots, Texas Hold ‘Em, BlackJack. You can even bet on real life sports game. The only limit is your imagination. And the very first company to successfully do this is

It’s a game where you’re not limited by social interaction. You can have friends. People even get married. Love happens all the time in vegasWorld. It’s an interesting game that is very innovative for its time.

The casino industry isn’t stopping at vegasWorld, however. Virtual reality is right around the corner. WIth the rise of VR Headsets, another company by the name of Slots Million is already tinkering with the idea of a full-blown virtual casino. Imagine putting on a headset and being in the actual moment. That could be neat.

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